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hey there !
welcome to goodwill scrunchies🌻

each scrunchie is designed and handmade from scratch, using only premium quality materials to ensure our customers only receives the best; because they deserve it.

20% of all our sales will be donated to a different charity organisation every month✨ so what are you waiting for? get yourself some beautiful scrunchies and establish goodwill with us today!


Why choose us?

goodwillscrunchies believes in making this world a better place, through scrunchies. Inevitably, everyone will experience rough times somewhere in their lives, and we know that sometimes, it is difficult to find light in darkness; to be an optimist even when all odds are against you. That’s why we believe that goodwillscrunchies can be your light too, even if it isn’t very bright!

So, whenever you feel like you giving up, don’t. Just choose a scrunchie, tie up your hair, pick yourself up and fight, for we are usually stronger than we think we are. (don’t forget you’re doing charity when you buy our scrunchie, killing two birds with one stone!)

And with that, we hope that we manage put a smile on your face. Now, go make somebody else’s day, get a scrunchie today.


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